Where Do Vultures Live?

vultures-live Credit: litle owl Lovers love/Moment/Getty Images

Vultures are divided into two groups based on where they live. New World vultures live in North, South and Central America and Old World vultures live in Africa, Asia and Europe. While vultures are fairly adaptable, they do not live in Australia, polar regions or on most small islands.

There are many different species of vultures and each has a different type of habitat. Turkey vultures are the most prominent of the New World vultures and can be found in Southern Canada, the Continental United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. These vultures live in small caves, beneath bushes, in hollowed out logs, and sometimes in abandoned structures. Turkey vultures do not build nests, but instead scrape the ground to make a shallow hole to lay their eggs in. The black vulture lives in South America and the Eastern and Southern United States. Black vultures breed in heavily forested areas, look for food in open habitats and roost in tall tress that are usually close to water. Another type of vulture is the king vulture. This New World vulture can be found anywhere from Central Argentina and Trinidad to Mexico and lives in the highest branches of canopy trees in tropical lowlands.