What Are Some Vicious Dog Names?

Suggested by Dog-Names-and-More.com, vicious dog names include Diamondback, Fang, Force, Judge, Shiv, Vicious, Viper and Xena. A dog owner might want a vicious name for his dog because he purchased the dog for protection, because the dog has a bad attitude, or to give a friendly dog a humorous name that doesn't fit his friendly personality.

Dog-Names-and-More.com states that vicious dog names usually have some kind of significance behind them. For example, using Diamondback as a dog's name is in reference to a Diamondback rattlesnake. This is perfect for a dog who is relatively slight but has a lot of strength. Fang works as a vicious dog name because it reminds people that they need to be worried about getting close to the dog's mouth. Fang also implies that the owner has taught his dog how to properly and effectively use his teeth for protection.

Not all vicious dog names are perfect for male dogs. For example, the name Xena is meant for a large female guard dog, and it doesn't make sense to use it as a name for a male guard dog. The name Vicious works well for both male and female dogs, accurately describing the personality of the dog as violent and threatening.