How Do You Find Vets for People With Low Income?

How Do You Find Vets for People With Low Income?

To find a vet for someone with a low income, start by calling your local animal shelter to ask them for advice. Although services vary depending on the city or county, many shelters offer low-cost veterinary care in their own clinics, and those that do not may be able to refer you to other programs.

If your local animal shelter is unable to help, try calling local veterinarians directly. Some of them offer payment plans or other programs to help low-income people care for their animals. Some clinics may also offer lower prices in general than others. If you live in a large city, consider calling more rural veterinarians because they are often less expensive.

If you live near a veterinary school, contact them. Many have low prices because students are observing and treating the animals, although they are supervised by a licensed veterinarian so the quality of care is good.

Some organizations that help low-income individuals pay for veterinary care are breed-specific, such as CorgiAid, but most are open to anyone in need. These include national groups, such as The Pet Fund, as well as local animal rescues. National organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, offer more comprehensive lists to help you find one that you qualify for.

Credit options may help you pay for veterinary care at a normal price. Care Credit is accepted by many veterinarians.