How Does a Vet Wrap a Dog's Foot?

A veterinarian wraps a dog's foot by cleaning and disinfecting the wound and wrapping it with a gauze bandage, according to the Dogington Post. She then wraps the foot with stretch gauze and secures it in place using adhesive tape.

Wrapping a dog's foot can be tricky in order to get the bandage to stay in place without tightness that may lead to swelling and permanent damage, states the Colorado Springs Gazette.

After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, the vet places an absorbent, sterilized, non-stick pad on the wound, states the Dogington Post. Then, she wraps a gauze bandage around the pad, leaving one-third of the bandage exposed on either side. The vet also may wrap some of the dog's fur on both sides of the pad in order to help keep the bandage in place. Next, the vet wraps a layer of adhesive tape over the gauze bandage, testing periodically for the right pressure by placing two fingers under the bandage while wrapping. To keep the bandage from slipping, the vet uses sticky tape to connect the fur and the bandage.

The ends of the middle two toes are left exposed and should be lying parallel to each other, the Gazette suggests. If the toes start to point in opposite directions, that is an indication that the foot is swelling and the bandage should be removed.

An injury may swell after being wrapped and should be checked frequently for tightness to avoid permanent damage to the limb, the Gazette advises. If the pet owner observes swelling and constriction, he should remove the wrap immediately.