What Vegetables Do Leopard Geckos Eat?


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Leopard geckos don't eat any vegetables. They only eat live prey, such as crickets, roaches, waxworms, mealworms, superworms, earthworms and pinky mice. The majority of captive leopard geckos refuse to eat dead prey. Fresh water should also be available.

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Sufficient calcium and vitamin D3 are also very important for a leopard gecko's diet. In captivity it is very difficult to duplicate the diet they have in the wild. Insects used for feeding may be dusted with a fine calcium powder with added vitamin D3 to support the leopard gecko's nutritional needs. Insects can also be given a nutritious, powdered diet for at least 12 hours before being fed to the leopard gecko in a process known as "gut loading." A leopard gecko's feeding schedule depends on its age and health.

Younger leopard geckos need to be fed every day, while healthy adult leopard geckos (over a year old) should be fed once every other day. A serving size should be approximately two appropriately sized insects for every inch of a leopard gecko’s total body length. A shallow water dish with fresh water must also be available at all times. No added vitamins or supplementation must be in the gecko's water.

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