What Are Some Varieties of Chicks Available at Stromberg Hatchery?


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Some varieties of chicks sold by Stromberg Hatchery include the Americauna, Leghorn and Rhode Island Red breeds. Stromberg Hatchery is a large online seller of live poultry and associated books and supplies.

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Stromberg Hatchery fulfills small-quantity orders of live chicks from many different breeds. As of 2015, the minimum order number is five individual chicks from any one breed. Among the breeds on offer are two that are notable for their unique egg-laying capabilities: the Leghorn and the Americauna.

Americaunas lay blue eggs, while Leghorns are such prolific egg-layers that they are the predominate breed used in industrial egg production throughout the United States.

The Rhode Island Red, another breed offered by the hatchery, is a dual-purpose bird bred for both its eggs and meat. Although these reddish-brown birds are not the best layers overall, they are the best egg-layers of the dual-purpose breeds, according to Oklahoma State University's Department of Animal Science.

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