What Free Vaccinations Are Available for Kittens?


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Free vaccinations are not always available for kittens; however, national and state funds provide assistance to pet owners who require vaccinations for kittens, reports the Humane Society. Animal organizations offer free vaccinations during annual events. For instance, South Bend Animal Care and Control clinic offers free vaccinations for both cats and dogs, as of 2015. Kittens need core vaccinations to be protected against feline distemper, feline herpes, rabies, and feline calici virus, notes WebMD.

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Some animal care organizations offer free vaccinations during special events, informs WGEM. Pet owners who need free vaccinations for their kittens can call nearby animal organizations to find out about upcoming free vaccination events.

Discounted vaccinations are an alternative to free vaccinations that can also help pet owners who are looking to save money. Vetco Clinics, located inside of Petco stores, offer discounted vaccinations and provide a coupon for an initial free veterinary visit. The Humane Society also provides a list of national and state organizations that offer financial resources, such as free or discounted vaccinations.

Vaccinations against Bordetella, feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus are also recommended for kittens, though they are considered to be "non-core" vaccinations and are not vital to a kitten's survival, notes WebMD.

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