How Do You Find a Used Manual Squeeze Chute?

Manual squeeze chutes, both new and used, are available for sale on cattle ranching supply websites such as and Amazon is also a good source, but in cattle ranching regions, Craigslist may have more local sellers.

A properly maintained manual squeeze cattle chute can last up to 30 years. A used chute should be physically inspected prior to purchase to ensure the tailgate locks and safety latches are fully functional. Cattlequip, Ranchsupply and Amazon offer product guarantees. When using Craigslist, the buyer must exercise caution when dealing with private sellers.

As large ranching operations move to more automated equipment, they may be a good source for older manual squeeze chutes.

Considerations when purchasing a manual squeeze chute include herd and cattle size, whether or not the cattle has horns, the types of procedures to be performed, and portability.