How Do You Use Sulfur Compounds to Treat Mites in Dogs?

Use sulfur compounds to treat mites in dogs after a veterinarian confirms a diagnosis of sarcoptic mange, or mite infestation. According to WebMD, the most heavily affected areas of the dog should be clipped or shaved of fur. Then, bath the dog in a benzoyl peroxide shampoo. After the dog has dried, apply the sulfur compound dip to the dog. The dog should be treated weekly for 6 weeks.

Veterinary Partners reports that sulfur compound dips, while effective for treating sarcoptic mange, are rarely used anymore. They are messy and labor intensive. Most veterinarians treat cases of sarcoptic mange with injections or oral doses of one of the agents used to prevent heartworm infections. Weekly Injections of ivermectin for four weeks or two doses of oral heartworm agent taken two weeks apart are usually sufficient to clear up a case of sarcoptic mange. Sometimes, veterinarians prescribe corticosteroids to control the itching and antibiotics to clear up infections in the irritated skin.

Mites cause the condition sarcoptic mange in dogs, says Veterinary Partners. The mites are very contagious. In addition to treating dogs showing symptoms, dogs that have come in contact with affected dogs should also be treated. Exposed bedding should be washed, and kennels should be disinfected.