How Do You Use a Slow-Feed Dog Bowl to Stop a Dog From Eating Too Fast?

How Do You Use a Slow-Feed Dog Bowl to Stop a Dog From Eating Too Fast?

To use a slow-food dog bowl to slow a dog's eating rate, research the appropriate bowl for your dog, fill the with the correct amount of food, and place the bowl in a slightly elevated position. Using a slow-food dog bowl to stop a dog from gulping food takes just a few minutes and requires only the dog bowl and dog food.

  1. Research the dog bowl

    Slow-feed dog bowls come in several varieties. Most are constructed as a standard bowl with obstacles built in. The dog has to work around the obstacles to get at the food. Some bowls are constructed in intricate patterns that forces the dog to work for the food. Some are even interactive, meaning the dog has to move parts of it to get at the food.

  2. Select the bowl

    Puppy training suggests selecting a bowl that is built to last with either strong obstacles or sturdy compartments.

  3. Fill the bowl with food

    Measure out the target amount of dog food. Slow-feed dog bowls require pet owners to place the dog food inside in a pattern or in separate chambers. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for filling the bowl.

  4. Ensure the dog food fits inside

    Some slow-feed dog bowls feature narrow channels. Large kibble may not fit in these channels.

  5. Place the bowl

    Many slow-feed dog bowls come with an elevated frame. The elevation further discourages the dog from gulping food. If there is no frame, place the bowl at a level that does not force the dog to hunch while eating.