How Do You Use a Shepherd's Whistle?

use-shepherd-s-whistle Credit: Bread and Butter/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Using a shepherd's whistle to give commands to a sheepdog allows you to communicate over longer distances than using voice commands. Learn how to use a shepherd's whistle with these simple steps. Make sure to have a shepherd's whistle on hand.

  1. Place the whistle in your mouth

    Holding the whistle by its tab, place it into your mouth between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. The tab should be on the bottom and facing the front. Sound is produced by air flowing through the slits on the sides of the whistle, so make sure these are not obstructed.

  2. Blow the whistle

    Gently blow air through the small holes in the whistle. Don't give up if no sound is produced on the first few tries. The skill of blowing shepherd's whistles takes some trial and error before clear, consistent tones can be produced.

  3. Practice to master various tones

    Practice out of the dog's earshot until you gain command of using the whistle. Work on the most important command first, the tone you will use to call the dog back to you. Try different placements of your tongue on the back of the whistle to change the pitch of the sound.