How Do You Use a Puppy Weight Chart?

To use a puppy weight chart, simply enter the weight of the puppy and its age to determine approximately how much it may weigh when it is a fully grown adult. There are many puppy weight charts available online that can provide an approximation of the puppy's adult weight and also allow the owner to determine whether the puppy is growing and developing as it should.

Some puppy weight charts also give the option to include the type of breed that the puppy is, which helps to provide more accurate information on how much it should weigh as an adult. A puppy weight chart is a useful tool in determining how much the dog may weigh as an adult, because it takes into account the size and weight of the dog at birth or when it is still young, which helps to account for the differences in size within a specific breed.

Depending on the size of the dog breed, puppies may grow quickly or more slowly. Large and giant dog breeds tend to grow most rapidly from birth through the first five months, while smaller dog breeds experience the most rapid growth during the first 11 weeks of their life. Many small dog breeds reach full maturity somewhere between eight and 12 months, while larger breeds often take as much as 18 to 24 months before they are fully mature.