How do you use Milorganite as deer repellent?


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Milorganite is an organic nitrogen fertilizer that is not EPA-approved for use as a repellent, states the Milorganite website. Gardeners who use Milorganite as a fertilizer for their food plots experience less activity from deer, according to findings from the University of Georgia.

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To use Milorganite in the garden:

  1. Apply
  2. Apply half a cup of Milorganite to each plant.

  3. Reapply
  4. Reapply half a cup of Milorganite to each plant 14 days after the initial application and reapply it every 5 weeks.

During the winter when plants are dormant, gardeners can open a bag of Milorganite and place it next to the plants. In the spring, use the opened bag to fertilize the plants.

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