How Do You Use the AKC Dog Breed Selector?

Use the American Kennel Club dog breed selector by deciding what characteristics you want in a dog, searching for a breed that meets your criteria in the AKC database and locating a specific dog through AKC breeders or rescue networks. The AKC database contains almost 180 breeds of dogs.

  1. Select characteristics

    Decide which dog characteristics suit the needs of your situation and family. The AKC recommends considering factors such as the size, temperament, grooming needs and hereditary health problems of breeds you are interested in. For any breed, it is also important to decide whether you want a male or female and a puppy or an adult.

  2. Search for a breed

    Search the AKC breed database by groups of dogs or by specific breed names. On the AKC website toolbar, hover your mouse over Puppies or Dog Owners and click on Breeds. In the Search Breeds tool, click on Breeds by Group. Choose a group, and a general description of the group and pictures and names of all the breeds that match that type of dog appear. Click on any picture or name to get detailed information about the particular breed.

  3. Locate a dog

    Below the Search Breeds tool, click on Breeder Referral to get help in finding an AKC-recommended breeder. Click on Find a Puppy to do a breed-specific search of your local area for available dogs. Click on AKC Rescue Network to find a rescue group that specializes in the breed you are interested in.