What Are Some Unusual Tricks to Teach Your Dog?


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Unusual dog tricks include picking up laundry scattered on the floor and sorting items for recycling. However, many dogs do not like to have aluminum cans in their mouths.

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Dogs who like to play with balls learn to toss them in baskets. They use smaller, softer balls, bouncing them into nets with their noses. With practice and encouragement, dogs also ride skateboards, and some can steer.

Some dogs can play piano or at least hit the keys. They learn motions similar to the common "shake hands" trick. Some dogs can bring ringing phones to their owners, although this isn't a good trick for dogs that like to chew.

Dogs who know how to sit, stay, lie down and roll over are ready to learn to fake being hypnotized. Faux hypnosis depends upon the owner encouraging the pet to do the four old tricks very slowly in consecutive order.

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