What Are Some Unusual Names for Female Kittens?


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Unique names for a female kitten may include Twiggy, Chanel, Juneau, Sake or Campari. Naming a kitten depends a lot on the cat's personality.

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When naming a new kitten, keep a few things in mind. Cats respond best to names ending in the "E" sound and shorter names. Cat owners may choose to take the kitten's breed, coloring and personality traits into consideration when choosing a name. Cats with longer names typically have a nickname as well.

A number of different things inspire cat names. Names relating to history may include Amelia, Godiva or Frida, and cats can share names with famous celebrities like Zappa, Adele, Sienna or Saldana. Some female cats have mythological names such as Artemis, Demeter or Styx, while others share names with famous writers such as Huxley, Zora or Angelou.

Fans of literature may decide to name their cats after fictional characters such as Katniss, Tuppence or Griselda. For a really unique name, try naming a female kitten after a product, rather than after a person. Examples include Sephora, Skittles, Kindle or Dyson. Even technology provides unique names for female kittens. Giffy, Finder, Socket or Gem are all cute names based on some form of technology.

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