What Are Unusual Names for Black Dogs?


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Some unusual names for black dogs are Crow, Mamba, Phantom, Dark Knight, Tux, Ember and Espresso. Other unique names befitting a black dog are Currant, Darkstar, Magic, Goth, Twilight and Black Pearl.

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A black dog needs a name that reflects the elegance and beauty of its shiny, dark coat. Derive inspiration from anything that is black in color and mirrors the dog's unique behavior and personality. Black coats often lend an aura of mystery and conjure a sense of power. Names such as Mademoiselle, Sire and Usher reflect fancy events and occasions when formal attire is flaunted. Some dog owners draw inspiration for names from other black animals, such as Raven, Seal and Panther. Others associate the color black with suspense and mystery, choosing names like Shaman or Phantom, sometimes sparks feelings of trepidation, so take care with names like Vampire and Demon, which may conjure images of dark forces in the underworld.

Selecting a name with one or two syllables helps avoid confusion during training and makes it easier when issuing commands. Creative names for black dogs can be found by researching categories, such as music, fashion, and movie, book and poetry titles. Game-associated words, such as Blackjack, Spade and Eightball, may also prove suitable for a dog with black fur.

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