What Are Some Unusual Female Dog Names?


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Some unusual names for female dogs include Dharma, Eloise and Odessa. Names like these are often inspired by traits the owner sees or hopes to see in the dog. For example, Eloise means "intelligent" and implies that she is a wise and mature dog. The name Dharma is usually derived from the concept of cosmic law and order in Buddhism, making it a great unique name for a particular dog who likes things a certain way.

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Some unique female dog names are inspired the hobbies and interests of the dog or the dog's owners, such as the name Odessa. Odessa comes from "odyssey" or "long journey" and could be a great name for a dog and owner that love to travel and go on adventures together. A unique name can sometimes come from how the dog was obtained. For instance, if a female dog was adopted during the winter, or even a snowstorm, a name like Flurry is cute and distinctive.

Indigo is an appropriate name for a uniquely beautiful dog because the color indigo is often viewed as unusual and interesting. Some owners even like to give ironic names to their female dogs, such as Jinx. Although the word means "bad luck," it could be perfect for a playful, mischievous canine.

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