What Are Some Unusual Cat Names?


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Cheddarbob, Dusty Mop, Godzilla and Bora Bora are some unusual cat names. Uncommon female names include Daisy Doodle, Gertrude, Tigress Tasha, Cleopatra and Zelda Nacho. Uncommon names for male cats include Toby Turbo, Johnnie On The Spot and Leonardo Dicatprio. Naming cats after alcoholic drinks, such as Budweiser, Six-pack, Hennessy and Campari, can also have unusual and wacky results.

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Some cat owners like naming their pets after famous actors or singers such as Clooney, Timberlake or Madonna. Other uncommon names for cats are borrowed from well-known historical characters such as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Hannibal and Amadeus Mozart. Names such as Bora Bora, Vegas or Niagara are inspired by famous locations or tourist attractions while Poirot, Othello or Gatsby are taken from the world of literature and fiction.

Cat names inspired by food and drink are also unusual and include Marmalade, Corn, Pudding, Cupcake and Whisky. Sophistikitty is the perfect name for a cat with an attitude while Aspirin, Godzilla or Lazy Destroyer are ideal for pets with a more mischievous personality. Names inspired by the world of fashion, such as Armani, Chanel or Fendi, are uncommon and suitable for more stylish types of cats.

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