What Is Unique About Seal Point Kittens?


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Seal point kittens are unique because of their unusual pointed coloring, which is rare. Unlike similar point-colored cats, seal point kittens have brown noses and paw pads.

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Seal point is a coat color that expresses with a lighter tan or fawn body and dark brown legs, tail, ears and nose. It is similar to chocolate point and tortie or tortoiseshell point coloring. Chocolate point cats usually have lighter brown points that are often described as milk chocolate rather than the dark chocolate of seal point coloring. Chocolate point cats also have pink noses and paw pads instead of brown. Tortie points have orange mottling in their coats and mottled paw pads.

Another unique feature of seal point cats is that their eyes are blue. This is less unique in kittens, as many kittens are born with blue eyes. However, as they age, most kittens' eyes change to yellow or green. Seal point kittens typically retain blue eyes for their entire lives.

Seal point kittens are usually purebred Siamese, Himalyan or ragdoll cats. However, the coloration can be found in mixed-breed cats as well. Seal point kittens are usually born with pink noses and paw pads, and their bodies are an off-white color. However, they should develop clear seal point coloring within the first year, and a brown patch should appear on their nose within the first few weeks of life.

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