What Are Some Unique Puppy Names?


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Unique puppy names for your dog are ones that you don't hear very often like Kashmir, Fandango, Khaleesi, Shasta or Shiloh. You can also use fictional characters' names or names from mythology for a unique twist on your dog's name, like Aphrodite, Mercury, Thor, or Lancelot, Hermione or Jon Snow.

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What Are Some Unique Puppy Names?
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Naming your dog is a special occasion, and you want to choose something that you will enjoy and will represent you and your dog well. According to Forbes, the name you choose shows what you want to express, what your interests are and how you want to be seen. About.com suggests that you use a positive name and teach the dog its name from early on.

Unique puppy names can come from fun words that you enjoy like Kahlua, Maui, or Cashmere. Use something exotic to name your puppy like Sasha, Shiva, or Mai Tai. For a Western take on names, try Cheyenne, Sage or Remington. Lovable monster names like Balrog, Cyclops, Chimera or Yeti make fun names. Make a unique name by using words that remind you of how or where you got your dog or something special to you — examples could be River, Sunshine, Tucson, Camper or Winter.

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