What Are Some Unique Pigeon Loft Design Ideas?


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Some unique pigeon loft design ideas include making spacious breeding and nesting areas with sliding doors and grate floors, elevating the loft to ensure a dry environment, installing exhaust fans for adequate air flow and adding a screen as a false ceiling to keep birds within reach. A loft's design must take into account the needs of pigeons, namely a good view, sunlight, ventilation and protection from inclement weather as well as predators.

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Pigeon lofts need to have a landing board, nest boxes, windows and specially made openings that allow pigeons to fly in and out of the loft without assistance from the fancier. Other lofts have a fly cage attached that let pigeons go safely outside and enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Lofts should face either south or east, which are the best directions to ward off the harmful effects of winter weather and to maximize sunlight and shade.

Most fanciers prefer lofts with at least two or more pens to separate males from females so as to control breeding and to separate young, unmated pigeons from the mated pairs to encourage breeding in the latter group. A good pigeon loft design isn't only practical or functional, but must also add value to the property, so it should match the house, yard and surroundings.

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