What Are Some Unique Names for a Great Pyrenees Dog?

Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

One way to approach naming a Great Pyrenees is to think about their essential characteristics; for example: French heritage, large size and white coloration. You could use the names Anastasia, Camille, Claudine, Andre, Damien, Argent or Pierre to reflect your dog’s French ancestry. Names such as Snowflake or Cottonball make note of their coloring, and their strength and size may lead to names such as Bear or Hercules.

Great Pyrenees’ names are often selected to refer to the size, color and temperament of the breed. Some commonly chosen names for this breed are Maximus, Nanook, Zephyr and Casper.

If the goal is to select a unique name, you may wish to check popular dog name lists from recent years to ensure the name being chosen isn’t on them. In 2013, VetStreet reported that the most popular male dog names were Max, Buddy and Charlie. The most popular female dog names were Bella, Daisy and Lucy. Popular dog names tend to be human names that have only one or two syllables, and this is no different for the Great Pyrenees. Their names frequently end with a ‘y’ (Daisy or Buddy), with an ‘a’ (Bella or Lola), or with an ‘ie’ (Charlie or Maggie).

There are a number of websites that have compiled lists of dog names that are categorized as unique for specific breeds of dogs. Some of the names suggested for this breed are Abercrombie, Chowder, Rolex and Teyla.