What are some unique names for female dogs?


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Examples of unique names for female dogs include Lolo, Eire, Oche, Tayra, Aspen and Lorise. SheKnows.com offers an extensive list of unique names for female dogs.

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SheKnows.com gives a list of 100 unique female dog names, categorized by theme. Unique female dog names taken from comic books include Felicity, Storm, Harley, Mary Jane and Lois. Examples of dog names inspired by celebrity baby names include ZuZu, Tallulah, Jett, Arlo and Scout.

Examples of unique dog names inspired by wine include Asti, Syrah, Grenache, Malvasia and Laurent. Names like LoLo, Jace, Sue Bird, Mia and Danica are inspired by famous female athletes. Sports lovers may choose unique names like Volley, Merkle, Pepper, Cadence, or Puck Bunny for their female dogs.

People with a love of words may find unique female dog names from Dictionary.com's Word of the Day. Examples of these names include Hurdy-Gurdy, Epitome, Guile, Snarky and Skeigh. Some unique female dog names come from the names of other exotic animals, like Foxy, Jackel, Firefly, Jerboa and Pygmy.

Those who love to travel may consider naming their dogs after geographic locations, with names such as Sydney, Milan, Aspen, Kenya and Delphi. Other unique names for female dogs include Amelia, Junko, Kira, Renata and Octavie.

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