What are some unique male cat names?


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Formal names like Keith, Glen or Richard are unique because they are rarely considered as cat names. When choosing a unique cat's name, it is best to opt for a name that is not common or popular. According to PetMD, common male kitten names are Toby, Leo, Milo, Harley and Blade. Names of famous cat characters such as Garfield, Tigger, Simba or Felix are well-known and therefore not unique.

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What are some unique male cat names?
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A cat's name usually reflects the personality, actions or looks of the feline. In this way, a unique cat might produce a unique name simply by having a distinct appearance or displaying unusual character traits. Names stemming from looks or personality might include descriptive labels like Lively, Scamper, Smoky, Socks or Tiger.

In other cases, a name's uniqueness is determined simply by the location of the cat and owner. A common name in one part of the United States could be considered unique in another area because it is used less frequently. A cat's name is often reflective of the owner as well so the owner's preferences in movies, music or books might produce a name that may seem common but is one that other people find unique. What is or is not unique depends entirely on a person's perspective.

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