What Are Some Unique Litter Box Ideas?


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Some unique litter box ideas include creating a planter on top of the litter box, KatPack disposable litter boxes, the Mox Litter Tower and a Litter House Cat Box. As of 2015, each of these litter boxes are available online, or the cat owner can create something similar.

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Creating a litter box inside a planter means purchasing the special planter from a variety of sources. Once the planter arrives, the cat owner places the litter box inside and plants flowers and other plants in the top. This helps to hide the unappealing cat box in a pretty place.

KatPack disposable litter boxes are available online for purchase. Folded up before use, these boxes are compact and easy to store. When needed, the cat owner opens the box, spreads it wide and adds litter. Once the litter box is full, the pet owner closes it up and throws it away.

The Mox Litter Tower isn't a litter box so much as it is a can. The height of this litter can helps to keep household dogs out of the litter, and the top helps to remove litter from the cat's paws before it jumps back onto carpets and floors.

At first glance the Litter House Cat Box looks like a dollhouse. This cleverly disguised litter box also includes a space that helps remove excess litter from the cat's paws.

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