What Are Some Unique Kitten Names?

unique-kitten-names Credit: StooMathiesen/CC-BY-2.0

Some unique kitten names include Count Flufferton, Katy Purry, Felix Thunder Paws, Nuttykitty, Senor Meow, Sassy Brat Kat, Purrscilla, Autobahn, Boodles Of Oodles, Cactus Cooler, Creme Bowling Ball, Eskimo Pie, Fava Bean, Feisty Squeaker and Parcheezy. Cat names are important because they add personality and flair to a feline companion.

Other unique cat names are General Ginger Beefy, Honest Bob Jazz Purr, Kamakazi Wino, Lil Big Foot, Little Funky Monkey, Luke Skyhopper, Mila Meowsavitch, Mr. Purrkins, Shakespurr, Tiger Ferocious, Tru-Purr, Tybalt King Of Cats, Valentino Wonder Cat and Whiskerus Maximus.

Cleocatra, Purr Diem, Admiral Pancake, Optimus Pants, Boo Manchu and Senor Nachos are unique cat names. Puns and plays on celebrity names are some of the best unique and creative names for cats.