What Are Unique Girl Puppy Names?

unique-girl-puppy-names Credit: Dean Wissing/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Some unique female puppy names are based on popular superheroes, like Psylocke or Rogue. Celebrity daughter names, like Blue Ivy and Halycon, are also original when used for dogs. Some unique inspirations for naming female puppies include pop culture, personal interests and fun hobbies.

To ensure that a puppy name is unique, a pet owner should select a name that deviates from typical dog or human names. This provides the dog with a unusual name that most people do not hear on a daily basis. Foods or condiments, such as Snickers or Ketchup, can be used as names for girl puppies. Strange pet names that are rarely heard of, such as Ulcer or Booger, can also be considered unique names for girl dogs.

Bibliophiles might decide to give a female puppy an unusual name based on a word from the dictionary, like Boffin or Fussbudget. Some people name their dogs after other animals, such as Bear or Piggy. This naming tactic can take an interesting turn if a pet owner decides to name a female pup Capybara or Firefly.

Female puppy names include Molly, Pandora and Bailey. While these names are pleasing to many pet owners, they are still unique names for female pups.