What Are Some Unique Female Dog Names?


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For a massive selection of various unique names to call a pet, try visiting http://www.babynames.com/. Names for female infants are as varied and unique as names for female pets and naming a pet with a name typically used for humans is one unique option.

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What Are Some Unique Female Dog Names?
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Other unique names for female pets come from sources like books, television shows or movies. Naming a pet after a beloved fictional character resonates positively with many people, especially those who share an affinity for the fiction that the name was derived from.

Another method of giving female uniqueness to a pet name is the addition of the suffix -ette or -anna to an existing proper name or the name of an object. For example, the object name 'cookie' is a common pet name in America. Add the suffix -anna to create the unique name "Cookieanna." As another example, the proper name 'John' is typically a male human name. Add the suffix -ette to the name to create a brand new name with a female tone, "Johnette". This is another affectionate way a pet could be named after a person but still maintain some uniqueness.

Other unique pet names include the titles of certain small, cute objects and adding the suffix -y or -s to the name. For example, the name "Button" could become "Buttony" or "Buttons".

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