What Are Some Unique Female Cat Names?


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Unique cat names for females include Bibs, Bubbles, Brie, Buddles, Cat Benatar, Electra, Dinky, Gidget, Ginger Bread, Inez, Junebug, Juju Bean, Kita, Miss America, Nessie, Paisley, Zosha and Simone. As most calico cats are girls, you can also include such unique calico favorites as Annika, Cherie, Poppy, Gem, Coriander and Felicity.

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What Are Some Unique Female Cat Names?
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The name generator on Friskies' website provides unique cat name suggestions. Simply input the gender of the cat and answer two multiple-choice questions to generate a name idea.

According to the vetstreet website, the top 10 unique names that are trending in 2014 for female cats include Lola, Stella, Izzy, Zoey, Lulu, Luna, Nala, Penny, Ruby and Willow. The site adds that many cat and dog names stem from pop culture or are names derived from movies, books and videos.

Because cats were worshipped and revered in Ancient Egypt, you may choose historical Egyptian names as unique female names for cats. According to Ancient Egypt Online, "Nedjem," which means "Sweetie," and "Tai Miuwette," which translates to "Little Mewer," are both ancient Egyptian monikers for felines. The site adds that a cat name Tai Miuwette was the companion cat of Prince Thutmose, and "Miut," which means "female cat," was a name often given to Ancient Egyptian girls.

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