What Are Some Unique Dog Haircuts?

What Are Some Unique Dog Haircuts?

Lamb, lion and show top knots are unique dog haircuts that any groomer should be able to do. Very artistic haircuts can transform the dog, but they're limited in which groomers can perform them.

The lamb cut is a style groomers give to small dogs. With the lamb haircut, the groomer cuts the dog's hair very short. The dog ends up looking like a lamb that's just been sheared.

With the lion cut, groomers buzz the hair very close on the body and leave long hair around the head and jaw. The end result looks like a lion's mane. Groomers also trim the majority of the tail short and leave a small tuft on the end. This haircut is suitable for any size of long-haired dog.

The show top knot is a high maintenance haircut for Shih Tzu dogs. Groomers leave the fur long and flowing but pull the hair on the head into a fan, called the top knot. To keep the fur shiny, the owner needs to brush the dog out several times a day. Typically, only show dogs wear this haircut.

Groomers in Taipei have started grooming customers' dogs so they have perfectly square or round heads. The dogs end up looking like manicured hedges. Other groomers have gotten creative and given dogs suspenders, a donkey-style mohawk, Pocahontas braids and a beehive. However, none of these are standard haircuts that any dog groomer can do.