How Do You Find Unique Cat Names?


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Unique cat names can come from the cat's physical appearance or aspects of its personality. Other unique names can be taken from pop culture by naming the cat after a celebrity, a drink, a place or even a technological term.

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How Do You Find Unique Cat Names?
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Physical features to name a cat after could include its breed or its color pattern. Examples of names based on physical features include Thor, a cat named for its gray fur color that resembles a storm cloud, and Aqua, a cat which possessed one green eye and one blue eye, colors associated with the sea.

Cats tend to hear shorter names better than longer names. If the owner wants to give his cat a longer name, he should consider a nickname as well so the cat has a name to which it responds. Cats can hear the sound of the letter "e" well, so ending the name with that sound makes them more responsive.

Celebrity names can be unique choices for cat names. Examples include Clooney, Hemsworth, Adele and Sienna. Drink names often work well with cats. Possible choices include Vesper and Hennessey. Certain place names that can work as cat names include Vegas and Juneau. Names inspired by technology can be given a unique flair, such as Gigo or Petabyte.

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