What Are Some Unique Boy Puppy Names?

unique-boy-puppy-names Credit: Giorgio Montersino/CC-BY-2.0

Some unique names for male dogs include Abbott, Falcor, Zammis, Yahtzee and Q-Ball. Monster names like Yeti and Sasquatch are uncommon, as are names based on food such as Apple, Pizza, Honeydew and Pepperoni. Transportation names, such as Caboose, Tanker or Hotrod, are also unusual.

One unique way to name a dog is to call it something it is not, such as Catfish or Spider. Pet owners can also name their dogs after favorite beverages, such as Lemonade, Corona or Whiskey. Favorite cereals like Trix or Chex are another good source for unusual names. Musicians may enjoy unique names such as Mozart, Fender or Chopin, while artists can name their dogs Paint, Rembrandt or Sketcher. Cartoon character names like Woody or Popeye can also be interesting.

While dog owners may want such a name to express creativity, unique dog names are important for a practical reason. Odd names are helpful for distinguishing between dogs on a daily basis. When dogs are given popular names, they can confuse them at the park or kennel when other dogs with the same name are called. An uncommon name can help ensure a dog's safety and prevent it from running toward a potentially unsafe source.