What Are Some Typical Swiss Dog Names?

When one thinks of Swiss dog names, many of the more popular names are based on local regions of Switzerland, including different mountain ranges. Along with geographical locations, the names of internationally recognized products such as Rolex (a watch company) and Ragusa (a chocolate company) also top the list of popular Swiss dog names.

Even though some of the more popular Swiss dog names are connected to products and geographical locations, there are other options that may be better suited for the new addition to your family. Names such as Paprika, Kafi and Chriesi all originate from foods. Chriesi translates essentially to cherry, and Kafi means coffee. If a dog has a hyper and active personality, it is easy to see how the word for coffee would be fitting while paying tribute to a dog's ancestral roots.

A dog's lineage doesn't have to be traced back to Switzerland for the owner to consider a Swiss name. Many pet owners have chosen names such as Berri, Strauss and Otto to suggest a particular uniqueness in a dog's personality. When in doubt, looking at a map can be a great way to start dreaming up different ideas on exactly how to give a new pooch a Swiss name.