What Is the Typical Size of a Full-Grown Mini French Bulldog?

A fully-grown teacup French Bulldog weighs four pounds and is six inches in height. A full-grown regular French Bulldog is an average of 12 inches high. They have two weight classes: 19 to 22 pounds and 22 to 28 pounds. A Frenchie that weighs over 28 pounds is considered overweight.

The French Bulldog is playful and good-natured. The breed is generally alert and affectionate. They are lively and have a reasonable amount of energy. They are generally not hyperactive and loud. They are known for their love of clowning around and behaving in a comical manner. As with any teacup dog, they tend to be more fragile, less hearty, and have a shorter life expectancy than the standard-sized breed. Life expectancy for a traditional Frenchie is an average of 10 to 12 years. This breed becomes extremely attached to its owner and is a loyal and faithful companion.