What Is the Typical Selling Price for a Maine Coon Kitten?

Maine Coon kittens can range in price, but they typically cost between $250 and $450. This is an average estimate, as there are breeders who sell their kittens for $1,000 and even above that. The exact price varies depending on the area where the kitten comes from. This is why it's a good idea to shop around before deciding which kitten to get. On the East and West Coast, the prices tend to be higher than in the Midwest.

In New York, pet kittens can cost anywhere between $400 and $1,000. The reason why it is so expensive to purchase a Maine Coon kitten is that breeders have to pay money to keep the adult cats healthy. Paying for supplies and veterinary visits alone is around $500, in conditions where there are no problems. For kittens, an individual shot is $100, plus any treatments they might need.

Kittens have to be housed at their breeders until they are 3 months old, which means that the breeder has to pay for even more food and equipment to ensure that they grow up healthy. If one gets a show kitten, the price would go up even more, which is why pet kittens are preferred for regular homes.