What Is a Typical Himalayan Cat Personality?


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Himalayan cats are typically playful, affectionate and docile. They crave affection, but can also be very independent. Even though they are descended from Siamese cats, they don't vocalize as much. They do "talk" to their people with a series of meows, chirps and yowls, however.

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What Is a Typical Himalayan Cat Personality?
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Himalayans originated as a cross breed between Siamese and Persian cats. They share many personality characteristics with Persians, such as being easy-going and quick to adjust to new activities, people or environments. Since they do well with children and other animals, they are ideal family pets. They like to follow their owners around, and they make excellent companions. They especially like to cuddle on laps.

Himalayans are intelligent cats and very inquisitive. They also remain playful throughout their entire life. However, their personality is generally a balance between that playfulness and docility. They prefer a quiet environment to a loud one.

Himalayans are a long-haired breed that requires daily grooming. Most Himalayans enjoy this attention. They grow to mid-size, typically between 7 and 12 pounds. Considering their lack of aggression, this breed does better living indoors; the constant battles with dogs, coyotes or even other cats in the outside world would not suit their temperament.

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