What Is a Typical Daily Routine of Wild Horses?


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A wild horse's daily routine consists of grazing and watering throughout its herd's territory. The routine may also consist of activities to establish herd hierarchy and breeding rights.

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What Is a Typical Daily Routine of Wild Horses?
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The lead mare of the band of wild horses is responsible for deciding where the horses will graze and water that day. Factors that affect where the horses will graze are the boundaries of that herd's particular territory and the quality of the grass. Horses prefer short, sweet grass that other grazing animals do not like. As grazing animals, horses instinctively rotate where they graze so they can allow pasture land to recover and can therefore eat the best, most nutritious grass.

Apart from the necessary activities needed to live, the daily activities of wild horses may include establishing a pecking order as male foals mature to the age where they become a threat to the band's lead stallion. These foals will challenge the lead stallion for his position by physical fighting. If they lose, they are kicked out of the herd. For this reason, young male horses often travel in small groups together until they can acquire their own mares and begin their own herds.

At certain times, breeding and giving birth are also activities of wild horses. When a mare is ready to foal, or give birth, she retreats from the herd and picks a place safe from predators and stallions from other herds. She gives birth and, once her foal is strong enough, returns to the herd and to normal life.

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