What Are Some Types of Woodpeckers?


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Some types of woodpecker include the black-backed woodpecker and the three-toed woodpecker. These two species are the most northern-dwelling types of woodpeckers, living mainly in Canadian coniferous forests and around the Rocky Mountains region in the United States.

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The largest member of the woodpecker family is the pileated woodpecker, which is found primarily around the eastern United States and Canada. Red-cockaded woodpeckers are found around the south eastern part of the United States, mainly around Florida, and the hairy woodpecker is considered the most southern-travelling woodpecker out of all the species.

Another type of woodpecker is the downy woodpecker. These birds look similar to the hairy woodpeckers, but average around 2 inches shorter. They feed on primarily wood-boring insects, as well as seeds and berries and are found in open woodlands around the United States. They usually nest around April or May and typically build nests around 5 to 50 feet above the ground. In some parts of the South, females can raise two broods, consisting of around four to five eggs per nest.

Finally, the red-headed woodpecker is common around the southeastern parts of Canada and the eastern United States. They are a larger species of woodpecker, averaging upwards of 9 inches in length, and eat not only insects, but spiders, earthworms and even small mice.

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