What Types of Wildlife Areas Typically Serve As Homes to Moose?


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A typical moose wildlife area or habitat consists of a dense mixed forest with a forest tundra that includes conifers, alder and willows around bogs, streams, ponds and lakes. Because of their dense, insulating fur, moose prefer climates in which the average summer temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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In North America, moose ranges include nearly all of Canada excluding Vancouver Island and the Arctic, most of Alaska, northern New England and upstate New York. Moose also range in the upper Rocky Mountains, northern Minnesota, the upper peninsula of Michigan and Isle Royale in Lake Superior.

Hunting and the destruction of habitats are the greatest threat to moose populations as of 2015. Climate change has also caused a dramatic decline in the moose populations in Minnesota. In warmer temperatures, moose prefer to shelter, rather than search for food.

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