What Are the Types of Squids?

types-squids Credit: Dave Fleetham / Design Pics/Perspectives/Getty Images

According to Squid-World, there are over 300 species of squid that have been identified. All of the identified squid are classified into one of two categories, either myopsida or oegopsida.

Due to the variety of squid species, squids can be found in several sizes. The largest species of squid is called the colossal squid. A colossal squid can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and grow to a length of 35 feet. It tends to stay in cold, deep water. According to Wikipedia, a squid has eight arms and two tentacles. Squid are known as strong swimmers, and some can even jump out of the water for short distances.

One type of squid known to jump out of water is known as a vampire squid. The vampire squid is black in color and has long arms that move like a black cape. These squid are normally around 1 foot and have small suckers on the arms. Squid is also a very popular food dish in several countries around the world. Several body parts of the squid are edible and provide a good food source of minerals such as zinc and manganese. Squid is commonly referred to as calamari in English-speaking countries.