What Types of Spiders Live in Colorado?

What Types of Spiders Live in Colorado?

Spiders that live in Colorado include the hacklemesh weaver, the longlegged sac spider, the woodlouse hunter, the hobo spider and the zebra jumper. The hacklemesh weaver is a transplant from Europe.

The hacklemesh weaver is a robust spider that frequents humid and dark places. It weaves a lacy web with strands that are filled with tiny loops. Though the silk isn't sticky, the prey gets tangled up in the web and is easy for the spider to subdue.

The longlegged sac spider hunts at night. Its leg are very long, and like the hacklemesh weaver, it is a transplant from Europe. It is nocturnal and can be found indoors searching for prey and mates.

The woodlouse hunter is a vividly colored spider with powerful fangs. It uses these to kill roly-polies and other isopods. It is a hunting spider and does not spin a web. The hobo spider builds a funnel-shaped web near human habitation, but it's usually hidden under rocks or debris. It lies in wait in this web and ambushes prey that passes by. It is itself prey for other spiders, such as the long bodied cellar spider.

The zebra spider gets its name from its pattern of black and white stripes. It is mostly found outdoors around buildings and fences, where it hunts for prey.