What Are Some Types of Spiders in Florida?


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Some types of spiders found in Florida include grass spiders, banded garden spiders and southern house spiders. Goldenrod crab spiders, spotted orb weavers and the common house spider can also be found in Florida. These spiders are common throughout much of North America.

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While most spiders in Florida are not venomous, the state does have a few native venomous species. Of the four species of widow spider found in Florida, three are native to the area. These are small spiders that typically have a shiny look with black and red markings. Widows prefer dark, undisturbed places, such as sheds, barns and under rocks. Their venom causes pain, nausea and sweating along with hypertension and abdominal tension, but the symptoms can dissipate without treatment in a few days.

Recluse spiders are not native to Florida, but there are three species commonly found in the state. They are medium sized and often feature a design on their back that resembles a violin, which has earned them the nickname "fiddlebacks." Like widows, recluses aren't aggressive and typically only bite humans when they are forced against skin. Recluse bites have the potential to become deadly, since the wound can turn necrotic. However, if the wound has not developed necrotic symptoms after 96 hours, then the wound should heal on its own without causing lasting damage.

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