What Are Types of Songbirds?

Types of songbirds include the American robin, the vireo and the Baltimore oriole. Other songbirds include the nightingale, the mockingbird and various species of thrushes.

The American robin is a bird noted for its red breast and the bright blue color of its eggs. It is a migratory bird that's considered a harbinger of spring and is a member of the thrush family. Robins produce a sound often described as cheery.

Vireos are small to mid-sized birds that are found from the United States and down into Mexico. Depending on the species of vireo, their songs range from simple to quite elaborate.

The Baltimore oriole is the state bird of Maryland. Its song is bright and flute like. The male has a black head, an orange breast and some orange in his wings. The female is a duller olive color.

Though the nightingale has plain brown plumage, it is valued for the beauty of its song. It breeds in Europe, northern Africa and westward into the Middle East and Central Asia. It gets its name because the male sings at night.

The mockingbird is known as a great mimic. It mimics not only other birds but sirens and other man-made objects too. Its scientific name, mimus polyglottos, reflects this. Like the nightingale, the male tends to sing at night.