What Types of Snakes Are Common in Iowa?


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Plains garter snake and the Northern water snakes are two of the most common types of snakes found in Iowa. The plains garter snake is the most common snake found on land, whereas the northern water snake is the most common water snake in Iowa.

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Out of the 27 different types of snakes found in Iowa, most types, such as the gopher snake, are not dangerous to humans. Although the gopher snake appears dangerous with how it puffs out its body and hisses, the snake is not venomous. Graham's crayfish snake is another type of snake found in Iowa, mainly around in and around water. This species feeds primarily on fish, crayfish and amphibians and is neither dangerous nor aggressive.

Brown snakes are another common snake, found in all parts of Iowa except for the northwestern part of the state. Because they can live in different habitats, people can find them in parks, in back yards or even in the middle of a city.

The three venomous snakes in Iowa are the copperhead, the prairie rattlesnake and the Massasauga rattlesnake. The most dangerous of the three is the Massasauga rattlesnake, as a single bite can prove fatal. The venom of the copperhead is mild and rarely fatal for humans. The prairie rattlesnake is one of the rarest snake species found in the state and is only found in Plymouth County.

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