What Types of Products Are Available From Bulk Reef Supply?


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Bulk Reef Supply is an online source for specialized equipment related to saltwater aquarium keeping, such as protein skimmers, salt mixtures, water quality monitors, filtration equipment, and substrates and foods for fish and corals, among many other items. The company deals in equipment only, not fish or other livestock.

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Keeping a healthy saltwater reef requires a great deal of study, monitoring and care. Having the proper equipment is a key component to being a successful reef keeper. Bulk Reef Supply deals in products for the dedicated marine hobbyist, carrying hi-tech items that might be difficult to find in an average pet store, such as reverse osmosis filtration systems or lab-quality refractometers.

Bulk Reef Supply also offers wholesale accounts to brick-and-mortar pet stores, and it has specials for groups or clubs that would like to buy in bulk. Individual customers may sign up for reward points or preferred customer plans that provide discounts and extra savings. The company provides expert reef-keeping advice to its customers by phone when needed. It also offers a customer newsletter and some training videos on various reef building subjects, such as installing filtration systems.

The company is based in Minnesota and was started in 2007 by Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman.

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