What Types of Prey Do Lions Eat?


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Lions hunt and feed on antelope, buffalo, zebra, wild hogs and giraffes, as well as smaller prey such as mice, hares, tortoises, lizards and birds. Lionesses are the primary hunters, and they hunt in a pack by forming a semi-circle around the prey. Weaker lionesses herd the prey towards the stronger lionesses that make the kill. Adult male lions eat first, followed by the lionesses and cubs.

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Lions hunt whenever they have the opportunity but typically hunt at night. Some of lions' prey, such as wildebeests and warthogs, are much faster than them, so the lions use two different hunting techniques to catch faster animals. In the first technique, the lion moves from cover to cover following its prey and then uses a final burst of speed to catch it at the end. In the second technique, the lion waits by a water source for the animal.

Lions live in grasslands and open woodlands in sub-Saharan Africa. They are the only social cat and live in prides with an average of 30 lions, including up to three males. The size of the pride depends on the amount of available food. While females hunt, males defend their territory by chasing off intruders and marking the boundaries with urine. Lions' territories may be up to 100 square miles in size.

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