Which Types of Plants Repel Snakes?

Paul Souders/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Wormwood, tulbaghia violacea, West Indian lemongrass, Sarpagandha and andrographis paniculata can help repel snakes. Garlic, cinnamon oil, and clove oil can also be used.

There are several methods to keep snakes away from gardens and yards that don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals. Creative landscaping using plants that repel snakes is just one of these methods. A mixture of 10 purple garlic bulbs blended with 4 tablespoons of garlic or vegetable oil and and some water can be spread around the area.

Because snakes seek out places where they can hide, removing items that they may use for shelter can also reduce the number of snakes in an area. For example, piles of logs and rocks are a common hiding space for snakes. Tall grass also helps snakes conceal themselves so keep grass mowed regularly.