What Are the Types of Pet Rabbits?

types-pet-rabbits Credit: SHINYA SASAKI/Aflo/SHINYA SASAKI/Aflo/Getty Images

While most rabbits make good pets, Just Rabbits states that some are better suited as pets than others due to their personality traits. Among the most popular pet breeds are the Sussex, Dutch, Himalayan, Havana and Standard Chinchilla.

Sussex rabbits look a little bit like teddy bears and are friendly and outgoing. Dutch rabbits are smaller rabbits with calm personalities and sweet attitudes. Himalayan rabbits are also small and friendly; they are smart and love lots of attention. Havana rabbits are playful and bond well with their owners. Chinchilla rabbits are known for their silky, soft fur; they are also intelligent and enjoy attention.

Other popular house rabbit breeds include Florida Whites, Californians, Harlequins, Palominos and Thriantas.