What Types of Monkeys Are There?


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There are more than 260 different species of monkeys, including baboons, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, blue monkeys and mandrills. Other species of monkeys include Capuchin monkeys, common marmosets, squirrel monkeys and Japanese macaques.

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Monkeys, who have been extant for millions of years, are separated into two different categories, Old World and New World. New World monkeys are separated into two families called Callitricidae and Cebidae. The marmoset, smallest of all monkeys, is one example of a New World monkey. New World monkeys live in the Americas and have prehensile tails, while Old World monkeys have nonprehensile tails and live in Asia and Africa.

Old World Monkeys also are separated into two families, which are called the Cercopithecinae and the Colobinae. The bamboo monkey is Old World. Old World monkeys store food inside the pouches in their cheeks. They have small nostrils that are spaced closer together and curved, whereas New World monkeys have round nostrils that are spread farther apart.

Both New World and Old World monkeys are very social animals. They blossom when together and don't do well in seclusion. Monkeys communicate with one another, and experts think they can create their own distinctions of language. They are adaptable, capable of living in trees or on the ground.

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